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Gulf Ship

Living in Paris since 1980, I was a freelance newspaper photographer providing portraits for the IHT, Liberation, and Le Monde. Starting as a stringer for Reuters in late 1986, I was made staff in 1987 working as both photojournalist and night photo editor. Major assignments have included five Olympics, the soccer World Cup in France and South Korea, Euro 2000 and 2004, and the Cannes Film Festival.

The two Gulf War portfolios cover the period from late January until early April in 2003 when I was based in Bahrain, working aboard six different ships operating in the Gulf. I was part of the Pentagon's embedded media assigned to the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier group leading up to the Iraq war.

Visit the Cannes Film Festival pages to see movie stars Nicole Kidman, Liz Hurley and U.S. director Michael Moore on the French Riviera. When not on the red carpet, coverage in Paris includes politics, sports, fashion, and protest demonstrations.

Interested in the history of photography? Learn about the house where French inventor and scientist Niepce conducted experiments, alone and briefly with Daguerre, which lead to the invention of the photographic process. After browsing the portfolio pages, take a moment to learn about image transmissions and visit the photojournalism links.

When not working as a photojournalist, I lecture at Speos photography school in Paris.

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