Gulf Portfolios Embedded Media - Photojournalist John Schults

Gulf Ship

On March 7, 2003, I boarded a Navy COD in Bahrain and was flown with a first group of 30 embedded media to the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. Photographers Grant Haller of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Vincent Laforet of the New York Times, Max Ortiz of The Detroit News and myself shared quarters several levels under the flight deck where fighter pilots returning from missions over Iraq made cable-arrest recoveries with their Super Hornets and Tomcats. Patrolling the Gulf waters we worked the long days aboard ship, following the crew below in their daily activities and observing catapult launches and recoveries on the flight deck, time-precision work comparable to a ballet or symphony orchestra, and considered to be the most dangerous 4 1/2 acres in the world.

Gulf jet
Gulf Boys

Gulf Boys

Gulf US Flag
Gulf Iraq Flag
Gulf Deck
Gulf Catapult
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